car rental medina casablanca

car rental medina casablanca

The Casablanca Medina was rebuilt in 1770 following a tremor that left it in ruins. The Casablanca medina tour begins at the United Nations Square. There is no typical route to visit, just walk in its narrow streets and let yourself be guided by his steps.

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This is a real labyrinth where you get lost very quickly, but if you lose the north do not fear, we always end up finding his way. While there is no typical route to visit the medina of Casablanca, but there are monuments not to be missed such as the Great Mosque located about 400 meters north-east of the United Nations Square, as well as Kouba Sidi Smara located within walking distance of the mosque. Continue your way and about 500 meters you will find the sanctuary of Sidi el Kairouani. The visit of the medina of Casablanca must imperatively do the day, the evening it is not very sure, especially for the tourists. Vigilance is appropriate even during the day, avoid displaying your valuables especially if you venture into small lanes little frequented.

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